[KY4KY] 146.70 severe weather repeater

Buddy bskc4wq at windstream.net
Tue Feb 28 13:36:34 PST 2017

SEVERE WEATHER forecast - READ AND HEED... our repeater (146.70) has 
been used as the storm spotter machine for many years. With tonight's 
potential for severe weather the NWS has asked that we monitor the 
repeater and report any severe weather.... this does not mean, you 
announce when it's raining or the rain has ceased. It means, report rain 
in excess of 1 inch per hour, wind in excess of 50 MPH (the trees will 
bend dramatically, loose things in the yard will roll along),and of 
course any visible funnel or tornado spotted. Please DO NOT announce 
that you are monitoring or any weather events that do not meet the above 
criteria. In times of severe weather, quiet is a good thing. IF the 
weather service station comes on and announces a formal net, then please 
follow the directions from net control. As of this writing Chris KI4RDG 
will be activating a net approximately 10PM EST. It will be his call 
whether it will be a formal or informal net at that time. Any questions 
please PM me or call my cell.

trustee KY4KY

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