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Mon Nov 4 08:10:28 PST 2013

The ARRL DX Advisory Committee will soon take up the subject of *Remote 
Operation* as it relates to the *DXCC Award program*. As Amateur Radio 
advances in the age of newer technology, the use of the Internet to 
utilize remote stations is becoming more simplified, more widespread, 
and marketed as a means for some to have /superstation/ access through a 
single Internet connection, coupled with a yearly fee. For a growing 
number, this is a means to fully enjoy the hf aspect of Amateur Radio.

I am collecting opinions from the Derby City DX Association membership 
on the use of remote stations within the DXCC Award program and will 
consolidate into a club position.

*Shall contacts made through a remote station count toward the DXCC 
Award program?*

Points to consider:

•Access and use of remote stations for the purpose of achieving DXCC, 
and other DX related awards, place those doing so at great advantages, 
no longer blocked by typical hourly or geographical propagation hurdles.

•A station on the East coast could utilize a remote station on the West 
coast for a rare DX entity contact on 160m that would be profoundly 
difficult given normal propagation and hourly band conditions.

What's your opinion on this subject?

As it pertains to the DXCC Award program, many of the rules associated 
with the program are designed for those that are self-policing, honest, 
and embrace a high degree of personal integrity as it relates to our own 
operating practices. One could say that any one single rule is 
unenforceable, so therefore why have the rule. Amateur Radio, as well as 
the DXCC Award program, relies heavily on the above noted personal 
attributes of each participant.

Contest organizers are also wrangling with this issue as more and more 
remote stations are becoming available for use by general Amateur Radio 

Should you have any thoughts, please forward them to ke4ky at arrl.net 
<mailto:ke4ky at arrl.net>. Our club’s position will then be forwarded to 
our regions DXAC Representative for his consideration.

Should you wish to respond, please have your responses to me by 
*November 9th.*

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