[KY4KY] Fw: [KYHAM] Ham group needed for Louisville Tour de Cure

K4RVM - Bob Myers k4rvm at critterbob.com
Mon Jun 4 17:31:53 PDT 2007

>From KYHAM, here's an event mentioned which will take place here in Louisville. If anyone can also pass this along to some hams in 
the ARTS club and maybe even the Clark County ARS, it could be a nice opportunity to help support a local event and show the area 
what ham radio is all about.

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Subject: [KYHAM] Ham group needed for Louisville Tour de Cure

While working the Cincinnati area (Northern KY) Tour de Cure bicycle ride
sponsored by the American Diabetes Association, I was introduced to a women
from the Louisville office of the ADA.  She is in charge of their Tour de
Cure which will be held on August 25, 2007.  She would like to utilize hams
for the event communications.

Is there a group that would be interested in doing this?  Please send me an
email of list and I will pass on her name and number.

Brian Clark, W4SOU
KY District 7 Amatuer Radio Emergency Team, Inc
EC - Owen County, KY
ADEC - KY District 7
w4sou at bellsouth.net

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