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In Remembrance

Robert V. Myers, Sr.     WB4CMH
1931 - 2007

Bob Myers, WB4CMH became a Silent Key at 4:00am on Sunday, December 23, 2007 due to pneumonia complicated by his long term emphysema and COPD. He died peacefully in his sleep at Sts. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital in Louisville. He was 76.

Bob earned his Novice ham license around 1974 when the Morse Code sending and receiving of 5 words per minute was still required.

He retired from Naval Ordnance Station in 1994 where he worked as an electronic engineering technician. He was a member of the Bullitt Amateur Radio Society, the A.R.R.L. and was an Army veteran of the Korean conflict.

Bob showing off his Ham Shack - January 1978